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The Organization of women from Sveti Nikole works actively since 1990 and it represents the continue of the previous woman organizing in the community.

As non-governmental, non-political and non-profitable the Organization of women in accordance to the new law regulations has made a new registration on the 28th of December,1998 and now it is written in the Register of Citizens associations and foundations in the Primary Court in Sveti Nikole under number 18 and it will take its activities on the territory of our community. The address is Plostad Ilinden bb. Sveti Nikole,PO box 13.

The Organization has 750 members with signed papers for membership from whom 25 are active volunteers and the rest are temporary involved in the work of the Organization and they are invited whenever and wherever there is a need of their presents.

The organizational structure of the Organization is the following:

-Assembly is the highest organ of the Organization and it is with changeable number of members. They have meeting at least once a year, and if there is a need more often. The Assembly confirms the general politic of the Organization of women.

-Presidency is an executive organ of the Assembly, and the rights and obligations are done in the frame and base of the Statute and Common acts. It has 17 members delegated from the womens actives in the community, working organizations and institutions.

-President it is elected on the session of the Assembly with public voting for four year period with the right for re election. It represents the Organization and protects its interests in front and from third parties.

-Control board it is elected on the session of the Assembly for four year period and it takes care for proper work of the Organization in accordance to the Statute and at the same time it controls the proper spending of the organizational money. All the results that come out from their control are presented to the Assembly and Presidency of the Organization.

Contact person: Mrs.Vera Zlateva-president of the Organization

Tel/fax:032 44 38 37; 44 46 20 and tel:032 44 35 91

Miss.Radmila Sandeva 032 44 46 29


The primer task and mission of the Organization is to act in direction for promotion of womens status in all spheres like:

-Emancipation and sex equality

-Every kind of help ( legal, social, humanitarian and other )

-Health education and protection as prevention through various forms of lectures and examinations

-Human rights

-Work with children, youth and old persons through various forms

-Cooperation with other NGOs and institutions on local and international level

-Taking care about nature and life environment


In that context in the Organization exists many sections and commissions:

-Section for help and social protection

-Section for work with children and young people

-Section for cultural events and recreation

-Section for cooperation with other NGOs

-Commission for making projects and etc.

The work and activities of the Women organization is public. The decisions for some activities and solving problems which are subject of discussion and agreement are made on the session of the Presidency and those decisions are on power with full meaning if more than one half of the present members of the Presidency vote FOR.



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